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My name is Favio Daniel Cangiano, born and grow in Argentina, traveler of all the life like tourist, first for my family and soon for own election.

I am breeder of dogs since 10 years ago being at this moment the owner of the Del Corral Lina dedicated to the raising of the Rottweiler race. With more of 40 dogs sold, for 5 years due to the disadvantages to transport the dogs that I sold of my deposit I saw the necessity to try by myself, after that, I was adding dogs of other deposits.
Today I transport dogs from or to Uruguay, Brazil, the U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, El Salvador, Venezuela, Spain, Russia, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Stonia, Slovenia, the Croatia, Serb, Montenegro and several countries.
At this moment work altogether with excellent employees of customs with which I ship many dogs to several countries around the world.

More than 600 dogs moved until March of the 2007 in trips I made to Europe and more than 30 in all America, they have left a lot of friends around the world that help to me in my job.

Platinum member in the most important airlines of the world Air France, Alitalia, Glass, Continental, Aeroflot, American Airlines, Iberia , Quantas , Avianca , Aerolíneas Argentinas, Aero México and others, I count with the benefits of faster check in the counters of business class, allowing me to transport greater amount of pounds and the possibility to travel in first class with greater space to take small or delicate dogs in cabin.

E-mail: favio@delcorrallina.com.ar
MSN: ventas@delcorrallina.com.ar

Av. Eva Perón 674 :: Temperley :: Buenos Aires :: Argentina :: 1834 mascotas a todo el mundo
animalcargo@live.com; faviocangiano@gmail.com :: Teléfono: 0054 11 4243 5596 :: NEXTEL: 54 *602 *305
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